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Georgia Fruit Cake Company
GFC deploys an integrated E-Commerce Solution, taking online orders with real-time payment processing

When Georgia Fruit Cake Company (GFC) decided to improve online sales, they looked to PST to provide a fully integerated E-Commerce Solution

Company Overview
Georgia Fruit Cake Company has been serving up fruitcake for more than 50 years.  In 1954, when the Georgia Fruitcake Company picked up its first military contract (one order for 52,000 lbs. of cake and another for 64,000 lbs.), this family owned business has counted on the military as one of their main customers.  Georgia Fruit Cake is sold around the nation and to our military, here and abroad. The Womble family recipe has been handed down for generations, and is still made fresh daily at their location in Claxton, Georgia. 

Business Challenge
GFC was having difficulty processing mail orders during their busy Christmas Season. The manual paper trail left the staff sorting through orders, printing mailing labels manually, and unable to track shipments. GFC purchased the UPS WorldShip software to aid in the shipment process with UPS. However, orders where still entered into the UPS WorldShip software manually from incoming mail orders. GFC also manually entered this information in their Peachtree Accounting software for customer relations. GFC needed a solution that was integrated with their existing UPS WorldShip software and that replaced their Peachtree software while reducing the manual entry by GFC staff.

Utilizing the technologies of Visual Basic.NET, the Microsoft .NET Framework, StoreFront 6.0, and MS Access 2002, PST built a complete e-commerce solution and redesigned their current website. StoreFront 6.0 is a e-commerce product that utilizes the latest .NET technologies making online orders fast and reliable. The StoreFront 6.0 package was customized with additional marketing pages, including a information request form that sends an email directly to GFC. The new website includes a product list, shopping cart, address book, multiple ship-to addresses, and wish list, combined with an easy and powerful check-out process that processes payments in real time.

The new website also includes powerful merchant tools that allow GFC Staff to securely login and manage their inventory, orders, store configurations, shipping, and payment processing.  The merchant tools also produce powerful sales reports that allow GFC to manage their online sales effectively.  This website is integrated with UPS WorldShip to end the paper trail and manual order entry by GFC staff.  Orders are verified and downloaded into UPS WorldShip software and mailing labels are printed with customer identification and product numbers ready to ship.  The website also incorporated an press release section where GFC could dynamically upload press releases to the website.  The press release section allowed them to add a title, abstract, full article, and website links as reference.  The website can be found at


  • The website accepts online orders with real time payment processing.
  • The website includes additional marketing pages that allow GFC to better promote their products.
  • The website features a shopping cart, address book, multiple ship-to addresses, and a wish list.
  • Emails with promotions can be sent directly to online customers.
  • The website is integrated with UPS WorldShip.
  • The website is secure.
  • The website allows for easy retrieval of sales reports.
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